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Welding is the procedure of connecting two materials using heat and energy. The heat and energy turn the material to liquid at the joint area. The material then solidifies, and the joint is secure. The material used is metal or thermoplastic.

These materials can be joined together in a variety of processes. Each of these processes offers advantages and disadvantages. The four most common types of welding are shielded metal arc, gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, and submerged arc. The Handy Man Home Repair Expert in Phoenix, AZ offers all of these services at affordable prices.

Shielded Metal Arc

This type is referred to as SMAW. It is even called stick welding at times. It is called stick welding because the welder uses an electrode which looks similar to a stick. This electrode is covered in a protectant flux. 

The electrode is held in place with an electrode holder. Using direct or alternating current, an electric arc is formed. This electric arc allows the electrode to melt away while the materials melt. This process is how the two pieces of materials are joined together. 

As these things are happening, the flux covering the electrode is releasing a gas vapor. This vapor helps to provide an environment that protects this area from outside contamination. This process of joining materials is one of the most commonly used in the USA.

Gas Tungsten Arc

This type of welding is referred to as TIG or GTAW. This process involves a tungsten electrode to create the weld between the two pieces of material. However, this electrode is not melted away like the electrode while using shielded metal arc. 

Helium, Argon, or some other inert gas is used to protect the welder from atmospheric contamination which is why it is called TIG or tungsten inert gas. TIG machines have various amounts of power. Our handyman will be a professional with expert skills to repair a variety of issues using GTAW. 

The expert handy man will typically use GTAW for small, precise weld joints associated with stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and other nonferrous metals. Using TIG welding, our professional can handle some of the most complex weldments needed.

Gas Metal Arc

The third process is called GMAW or MIG welding. This type of welding uses a disposable wire electrode that is lead through a welding gun. Similar to GTAW, GMAW uses an inert gas such as Aragon or mixture of Aragon and Carbon Dioxide as a shielding gas. These gases are sprayed over the area and welding puddle to provide protection. 

MIG is one of the most versatile and easy to use type of welding. It is one of the most popular processes used in the industrial arena. It is essential, however, to remember that this type of welding is not as useful when used in places with high air volatility. 

MIG machines come with a variety of capabilities which allows this process to be more versatile. This type of welding produces little smoke with clean welds. It is typically used for projects that need spot or tack welding performed. It is best to use with stainless steel or carbon steel.

Submerged Arc

The final most common process used in welding is referred to as SAW. This type of welding also uses a disposable wire electrode similar to GMAW or TIG welding. However, it also utilizes a granular fusible flux which includes a mixture of silicon lime, calcium fluoride, manganese oxide, and some others. 

These items create a blanket to submerge the area to be welded hence the name submerged arc. When using SAW, some variables must be taken into consideration. These variables include the voltage of the arc, type of polarity and current, the speed of the wire feed, and travel speed.

This type of welding works well with a variety of materials. These materials include carbon steel, low alloy steel, nickel-based alloy, and stainless steel. 

The professional experts at Handy Man Home Repair Expert in Phoenix, AZ at  (602) 880-2388 can provide the type of process needed for your particular job. We have a handyman who is an expert in the service and repair of a variety of materials which require welding. Call today for the same day response, free estimate, or free quotes for your job. 

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