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When repair and service are needed in your kitchen, bathroom, bed room, and other areas of your home, the first item you should do is call an expert handyman from Handy Man Home Repair Expert in Phoenix, AZ at (602) 880-2388. Our professionals are trained to install drywall in the rooms as mentioned earlier plus in a basement and laundry room.

We will mount new drywall and give a beautiful finish to your project. Drywall is the foundation of all modern homes. It is made from plasterboards that are thin. These boards come from mineral gypsum. Drywall is made lightweight so that it is portable. 

When you install and mount drywall, you are using a product that is fire resistant making it great for construction of a home. It can be an excellent material used for building; however, drywall can be easily damaged. A fall going down the stairs into your basement or laundry room can cause a hole in the drywall.

If you accidentally hit your kitchen table against a wall, it may also cause damage. The sheetrock in your bathroom can become moldy and damaged from the excessive use of the shower. Even kicking in your sleep can cause damage to the walls in your bed room. 


Since drywall can be damaged, an expert should decide if it needs to be replaced or patched. Drywall is overall sturdy, but items can chip, dent, or puncture the paper covering the sheetrock. This damage occurs quite frequently in homes in Phoenix, AZ. A door striking the bed room wall can cause minimal damage that a professional can quickly patch.

Many homeowners believe the available drywall repair kits in hardware stores can be used to install and mount drywall in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, laundry room, or any other room in the house. However, this process of repairing or patching a hole in the wall can be laborious and problematic. 

When repairing drywall, you must cover the area around the hole with mud. Mud is a joint compound which allows the mesh tape to stick to the wall. After the compound is applied, a professional will sand and reapply multiple times. This process will eventually cover the hole and the mesh tape completely. 

A pre-mixed compound can take days to dry, so an expert handyman will mix his or her personal compound using a powdered mix and water. This mixture will dry quicker than the pre-mixed compound. 

Whether the patch job is large or small, a handyman can install, mount, and finish the job. This handyman will restore your walls to its previous condition for an affordable and competitive price.


When new construction happens, or massive damage happens, the drywall will need to be replaced entirely. This process is more complicated than just patching a hole. However, it is easier than installing plaster walls. When you want to install new drywall, it is best to call a professional handyman. 

When drywall is installed, it requires measuring and the correct size of screws. An incorrect measurement or incorrect size can cause the sheetrock to fall. You also have to be aware of the placement of electrical wiring and pipes to ensure nothing is damage from the mount job.

Our expert crew will ensure that the finish on the job is perfect also. We utilize the most up-to-date procedures when we install, mount, or finish drywall.


One of the final steps in the installation process is to tape the drywall. The drywall boards are placed and then taped along the edges. This step allows the area to be prepped for the layers of compound. The layers of mud will provide a beautiful finish to the wall.

Once the mud has been applied, it must be smoothed and then sanded to give the best even finish. If you use the mud improperly, the mud will appear uneven and rough which will require more sanding. Our specialists can guarantee a job that is correctly done. 

If you need a repair job in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or any other room in your home, you can call Handy Man Home Repair Expert in New York at  (602) 880-2388 to receive a free estimate or free quotes for all of your drywall jobs. A handyman will give you the same day response and competitive pricing. We also offer painting services to make it a one-call solution to your issue.

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