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Some rooms in your home may sound empty especially when the floors are concrete or other hard materials. These types of materials allow sounds to bounce around the room which creates an echo sound that can be unpleasant. Many experts would suggest covering the floor with carpet, but our handy man at (602) 880-2388can provide a variety of solutions.

One of these solutions would be utilizing an acoustic ceiling or a popcorn ceiling. An acoustic ceiling can be extremely sound absorbent which can reduce the echo in a room. This reduction will improve the overall sound quality in a place. 

The sound absorbedness of acoustic ceiling will also help to reduce the noise pollution from the lower area of the house to the higher level of the house. Acoustic ceilings have a variety of benefits besides being sound absorbent.

The acoustic shingles are also a perfect place to hide wires, plumbing, and any other necessities that can be unsightly. While hiding these items, an acoustic ceiling still allows easy access for a repair or service. With these characteristics, this type of cap has become extremely popular for basements and attics.

An acoustic ceiling can also help save you money in utility costs. This fact is true because the shingles are highly light reflective. This reflectiveness means there is more light reflected back into the area. The panels come with a variety of benefits. These benefits include fire and humidity resistance.

Our professional handy man can provide you with information about which style would be the best for your project. If you call us at  (602) 880-2388 we can offer you will a free estimate at affordable prices. Our experts know how to complete almost any project. 

With the flexibility of this type of ceiling, you can install the panels in most rooms. Our handy man will create a grid of metal that hangs from wire loops. These wire loops are connected to the actual ceiling of the room. This grid creates a rectangle which holds the panel in place. 

These squares are perfect for fluorescent lighting because the entire fixture is one unit. When dust, soil, or smoke marks the panel, you take it down and quickly clean it. The panels are resistant to damage from impact, but if they do become damaged, it only takes a few minutes to replace the damaged area.

When installing an acoustic ceiling, our handy man will give you two options. The first option is 2 X 2 foot or 2 X 4-foot panels that are suspended or dropped from the actual ceiling as described above. The second option is called a glued ceiling. This ceiling has 1 X 1-foot panels which are glued to the actual ceiling. 

Either of these options provides soundproofing. They both can also cover any damage to the actual ceiling; however, only suspended or dropped ceiling is capable of hiding unsightly necessities such as pipes and ducts. 

With the larger suspended panels, you will save money because they are more affordable and will cover more area than the smaller glued panels. The installation process for the suspended or dropped acoustic ceiling also generally takes less time.

Both styles will cover damage and reduce noise. Both styles offer a variety of designs and patterns, but white or off-white is the standard color. Some panels can be painted to match the décor of the room, but you should check with the manufacturer to ensure the panels will not lose their soundproofing qualities. 

Some manufacturers also offer panels that have additional insulation. These panels have a vinyl surface which is covered on one side with fiberglass. The fiberglass is about one half inch thick. These panels offer only about an R-3 in insulation, but you will feel a difference if they are installed in a drafty attic.

Other manufacturers cover their panels with a fire retardant to provide fire-rated panels. It is important to remember that these panels are not fireproof, but will slow the progress of a fire. This slowing can give you about 20 minutes or so of protection.

Our expert handy man can provide you will information about any manufacturer panels available. After calling  (602) 880-2388, you should receive the same day response. We will bring all of the necessary tools and equipment to correctly install an acoustic ceiling.

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